Have You Purchased a Sick Puppy from a Pet Store?

In many states the sale of a puppy with physical problems, whether an illness like Parvo, genetic defects like hip dysplasia, or perhaps even social problems can be the subject of lawsuits. If there are enough people who have purchased ill puppies from a certain store, the cases may be able to be joined in a class action. This website will act as a clearinghouse for people to file reports and meet others who may have purchased puppies from the same store or the same broker or kennel. We will note ongoing lawsuits so that people who have purchased puppies from the stores involved can get access to information about the lawsuit. We will also seek to provide referrals to attorneys in the area who may be able to help. To file a report, ask for information about a store or if you're an attorney taking referrals for these types of cases, you can email here.

Florida Lawsuit

Attorney MARCY I. LAHART, ESQ has filed suit against Puppy Palace in Boynton Beach and Hollywood Floria, Wizard of Claws in Pembroke Pines, Florida and Precious Puppies in Palm Beach, Florida. The lawsuit alleges that "the stores misrepresented the health and origins of the puppies sold to the defendants and violated the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act and consumer protection laws. The suit seek preliminary and permanent injuctions that would prohibit the stores from furture sales of puppies as well as reimbursement for the price of the puppies, veterinary bills, legal costs and punitive damages." If you have purchased a dog from one of these stores, worked at one of these stores or have any information about the stores, please contact the attorney at:

Marcy I. LaHart, PA.

711 Talladega Street

West Palm Beach, FL 33405

(561) 655-9537


Florida Review

If anyone has purchased a puppy from Wizard of Claws in Florida are asked to file a report here. Email your information here.

Illinois Review

Persons who have purchased a sick puppy from the Petland in Rockford, Illinois are asked to file a report for potential class action lawsuit. Email your information here.

Pennsylvania Review

Persons who have purchased any puppy sick or not from Puppy Love in Lancaster County Pennsylvania are asked to file a report. Email your information here.

Nebraska Review

Persons who have purchased any puppy sick or not from Crab Orchard Kennels are asked to file a report. Email your information here.

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