What is a Puppymill?
There is no definition of a puppymill. In our opinion anyone who breeds dog with profit as the main motivation and without consideration for the health and well being of the dogs and puppies is guilty of ethical crimes.

There are two kinds of these people - backyard breeders and puppy millers. They should both be driven out of business.

Anyone who has so little concern for the well being of the puppies that they have caused to be brought into the world that they sell them to someone else who will resell them qualifies as a mill in our opinion.

These facilities vary in quality - bad, worse and horrible.

These are photos from a breeder in Nebraska. The place has been clean the times we have been there. The cages are fairly new and in good repair. The dogs have water and food. They are still in prison. We have rescued several dogs who have come from this kennel. They have been in terrible physical condition. One of the Chihuahuas we got was only 4 years old but he had gum disease so serious that his jaw had rotted. He had to have a plate surgically inserted into his jaw to hold the pieces together.
This photo is from B & J in Missouri. The dogs are out in the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. The owner acknowledged that there were many litters of puppies born in the summer that died out on the wires of the cages - they cooked. Those little boxes were sweat boxes out in the Midwest sun. The dogs walked on uncoated wires. Many of the female dogs who were rescued from this mill had so many c-sections that their internal organs were grown together. One of the dogs we rescued fromt this kennel had gotten his leg got in the kennel wires and it had been ripped off. He only had three legs.
The top four photos are from a mill in Missouri. The conditions were horrible. The dogs were in small cages with bare wire and the cages were falling apart. Mud was everywhere. The bottom two photos are from a Collie breeder in Nebraska. This facility only bred Collies and did not keep hundreds of dogs. She claimed to breed top quality dogs. Some people might call this breeder a back yard breeder but whatever you call it, it's wrong.

All of the facilities shown above sold puppies that were registered by the AKC. The AKC says that they inspect facilities when more than six or seven litters are born in a year. Did the AKC inspectors see these places. These kennels were both covered under federal and state laws. They the federal and state inspector see these conditions? Did all of the people who should protect the dogs walk away from the dogs who were suffering?

Although people may differ on what exactly constitutes a puppy mill, I'm sure we can all agree that any of the facilities shown above are not the way that we want our companion animals to be treated. If you buy a puppy from a petstore, the parents of that puppy most likely came from a place like the ones shown here.

End the misery -

Don't ever buy a puppy in a petstore.

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