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What Happens When the Department of Agriculture in Pennsylvania is Provided Information About a Kennel in PA? How Do They React?

On February 2, 2004 Hearts United for Animals sent the attached letter to Governor Rendell, Secretary of Agriculture Wolff, Mr. Wehry, Ms. Bender, Mr. Burd and the USDA. The letter asked for all of those people and all of the agencies who are tasked with protecting dogs in kennels to go to this kennel and enforce the law which does not allow small dogs to be kept in kennels without heat when the temperature is below a certain level unless it is specifically permitted by a vet. We sent a copy of this photo that clearly shows Bichons in a kennel with no heat. The temperature extreme was obvious. The response: apparently they told the kennel owner about the complaint because the next week the kennel was moved back further away from sight and still no heat. They did not respond to our letter. It does not appear that they did anything to help these poor suffering dogs.

HUA has informed the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania about other kennels that clearly do not comply with the law on many occasions. They never taken any steps to bring the kennels into compliance. The Governor of Pennsylvania told us that he had intended to make a difference for the dogs in commercial kennels in Pennsylvania, but he has not done one single thing that has made their lives easier.

There is a law in Pennsylvania that is supposed to regulate commercial kennels. The law is very vague, improperly constructed and does not give much protection to the dogs. There are judges who have refused to enforce it on the grounds that it is too vague. But even this poor law is not being enforced. The agency that is tasked with enforcing the law, the Department of Agriculture, is staffed with people who are from the farming industry. It is the agency that is tasked with promoting and enhancing farming in Pennsylvania. There is an inherent conflict in having the same agency that is tasked with promoting an industry be the same agency tasked with regulating it. There have been new regulations in the works at the Department of Agriculture for years and nothing ever happens. Kennels across Lancaster County do not comply with the law. Rarely are they cited with any violations. When they are issued citations then it's another challenge to get the judges in Lancaster County to fine them more than a few hundred dollars.

It's time for the people who are supposed to protect the dogs to hear from the people who love the dogs.

Please send an email to everyone who is supposed to protect the dogs. Let's show them that there are hundreds of thousands of people who care about the dogs.

Click here to send an email.

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