Lancaster County Pennsylvania is the

Puppymill Capital of the East Coast

These photos are of kennels licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Some are also licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture.

This is government sanctioned misery all in the name of greed. Want to do something to put an end to this? Go to the bottom to read about what you can do.

"They had the cages stacked so that the puppies on the bottom were defecated and urinated, collectively by all the puppies above them." NY Post

"One farmer sold 1,293 puppies for $2900,000 even though Federal inspectors have cited his farm for numerous violations since 1992 including overcrowded cages and inadequate sanitation, pest control, feeding and watering."

NY Post

"Dog Law enforcement is an embarrassment, not only to you, I'm sure, but certainly to me." Agriculture Secretary Charles C. Brosius Philadelphia Inquirer

"They're supposed to regulate and fine the very industry they're supposed to foster. It's clearly a conflict. It's clear they are not doing their job." Senator Greenleaf Philadelphia Inquirer

"It's an animal. It's just like any crop that comes along." Melvin Nolt Philadelphia Inquirer

"People don't like when dogs are held in pens all their life and never let out. But there's no law about that. As long as the kennels are clean and meeting our regulations. I can't do anything." Pennsylvania Dog Law Inspector Philadelphia Inquirer

"We country people do not look at dogs that much different from the other animals." Daniel Kauffman

Philadelphia Inquirer

"Our Inspector reported 49 dogs on the premises. Newborn puppies were lying on wire without any support. The dogs were extremely matted and dirty, obviously needing dental care and treatment of open wounds for some dogs. There was a heavy ammonia odor about the indoor kennel and an accumulation of hair, feces and dirt in the boxes as well as around and under the boxes. There was also an accumulation of moldy dog food in the housing box areas, both in food and scattered in the box. Water bowls were green with algae and there was evidence of parasite infestation as well as many flying insects in the kennel. There are windows available for ventilation, but not being used. The adult dogs' toenails were curling under." American Kennel Club 9.28.2000

"This little cottage industry keep more of the Amish and Mennonite families in the area."

Chris Herr Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Philadelphia Inquirer

"Our Inspector reported the kennels are divided into two areas. One is the whelping area in a mobile home structure, while the others are outside in boxes off he ground with raised wire as the outdoor runs. There are approximately 150 dogs on the premises. The whelping areas are filthy with accumulations of feces in the boxes as well as underneath, urine, hair and dirt. There is no ventilation thus the urine odor is very prominent. The dogs both inside and out are in need of bathing and grooming. A majority are Pomeranians that exhibit matted and tagged coats, obviously dirty and unkept with nails that are curling under toward the foot. The outside runs have an accumulation of feces, urine and hair underneath the raised wire and some feces accumulation on the wire. There are as many as either dogs in one box run that measures 4 feet by 2 and 1 1/2 feet. Newborn puppies inside are lying on newspapers with dried feces that have obviously been there for a number of days." American Kennel Club 9.28.00

"Aaron H. Zimmerman said it was unusual that his dogs were drinking slimy green water in leaky cages stained with feces. 'You ought to come visit when I have everything cleaned up.' His kennel sits behind the horse-drawn buggy in the driveway, between the barn and the house. It comprised fewer than a dozen wire bottom cages in poor repair. Several inches of waste had collected under the cages. Feces hung from most cages' wire bottoms. Much of the concrete was stained." Philadelphia Inquirer

"Our Inspector reported the kennel is in a concrete building and though windows were open there is inadequate ventilation. The smell of urine and feces is very strong. There is an accumulation of feces, urine, hair and dirt in the boxes and on the wire as well as underneath the wire. There are five dogs that need clipping because of severe matting and tagging. All dogs need bathing and their toenails clipped. Some are curling back towards the bottom of the paws. There are two dogs showing loss of hair possibly due to insect infestation" The American Kennel Club 9.28.00

"The crux of this matter is again a clash of cultures. The Amish say they raise dogs much as they would any other livestock, restricting the dogs to small cages and killing parents when they are no longer productive." New York Times

"Our inspector reported the overall appearance of the kennel was dirty and cluttered. The white building near the house had feces caked on the floor. Several dogs were shedding and need to be brushed. Several females ere very thin. The breeder needs to cut weeds from outdoor kennels and several water buckets had algae and needed cleaning. The breeder also needs to replace broken wire in the bottom of he kennel building." American Kennel Club 9.27.00

"Our Inspector reported the kennels are on raised wire with the structures in disrepair with an accumulation of feces, urine, dirt and hair under and in the structures. There are sharp edges of tin exposed to the extreme on the entry ways to the raised wire The dogs need bathing and general grooming to include nail clipping. The dogs are housed adjacent to the milking parlor and chicken houses but the dog urine odor is easily detected near the kennel. The general appearance is unkempt and not maintained. The German Shepherd exhibit matting and tagging on the undercoats." American Kennel Club 9/19/00

"...Amos J. Stoltzfus wants to run a kennel with no more than 40 breeding dogs, an up to 80 dogs, including puppies, at any one time. He has no plans for an area to house the dogs, but currently has a 12 x 40 foot area of open pasture enclosed by an electric fence where he keeps the dogs. Shelter for the dogs is provided in a calf shed and behind a carriage. There was fire in an equipment shed at the Stoltzfus' farm in April. He housed nine cocker spaniels and a boxer in the shed and all died in the fire. Such disregard for life mocks decency." Dog and Kennel Magazine

"Our Inspector reported the kennels are in disrepair with sharp tin edges around enclosures leading to the outside. There is rusty wire on which the dog are housed. One supporting structure of a raised area is broken in two making the platform unstable. There are five dogs in one raised run area making for overcrowded conditions. The overall appearance is unclean with urine and feces odors. There is standing urine in one outside area where the large dogs are on concrete. The concrete is broken in one pen with an area large enough to cause injury if the dogs feet were to step into the rack. There is accumulated feces, urine, dirt and hair around and under the ground pens as well as the raised pens. Water bowls have algae in them turning the bowl green in color. Flies are swarming the food bowls. The dogs are matted and dirty and need care and grooming." American Kennel Club 9/29/00

"Our inspector reported dogs in a concrete barn with inadequate ventilation. The ammonia odor from urine and feces is almost overwhelming but does make your eyes water. All dogs are housed on wire and over half of the 160 plus dogs have no resting mat available. Dogs are dirty and in great need of grooming and having their nails clipped. There is an accumulation of feces, urine, hair and dirt in and underneath the enclosure. There are as many as four dogs housed in a 3 ft by 3 ft area (Labrador Retrievers). There is water available but receptacles need cleaning on most of the enclosures. There is inadequate slope to the lower run off area underneath the wire." American Kennel Club 9/28/2000

"Our Inspector reports very poor sanitary and/or health conditions ... many of the dogs show signs of flea infestation and the Bichon Frises and Lhasa Apsos were very matted, to the point of pulling the skin." American Kennel Club 9/29/00

(The words under the photos are not descriptive of those specific photos.

The photos are all from Lancaster County Pennsylvania.)

Tell the Pennsylvania Legislature, Governor and Secretary of Agriculture What You Think

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