Justice was in a commercial kennel in Lancaster County. The kennel housed over 550 dogs. The dogs were located in rusty broken-down cages that lined a large, drafty, dilapidated barn. The barn had no heat or air-conditioning. The dogs were in terrible condition. Many were clearly ill. The man who owned the kennel was Mennonite. He had lost one arm in a tractor accident several years earlier. Since he did not have two arms to carry the dogs, he would grab them out of their cages by one leg and carry them that way. Several dogs rescued from this kennel had shoulder and leg problems.

We rescued 71 dogs from this kennel. As we carried them out the kennel owners wanted to cut off the chain collars that were around their necks. The collars had the USDA tags on them. The kennel owner had put the collar around Justice's neck when she was a puppy. As she grew, the collar grew into her neck. It grew into skin, muscle and vein. The kennel owner never paid any attention to what was happening to her. The wife of the owner cut a link in the chain that was around this dog's neck. The HUA volunteer saw that the collar was embedded in the dog's neck. The woman called to her husband to come and pull the collar out. The volunteer grabbed the dog and ran. They called after her to come back, but she just kept going. The vet confirmed that if the collar have been ripped out the dog would have bled to death. It took four hours of surgery and 72 stitches to remove the collar from her neck.

Justice is spectacularly brilliant. She loves being naughty and destroying toys. She is a very successful thief and manages to steal every toy from every other dog no matter how dedicated they are to protecting it. She waits and watches and the second they let their guard down, she swoops in and grabs the toy and is off. She adores her people but she will definitely bite strangers. She will not allow a collar to be put around her neck now. Because she bites, she was not adoptable so she lives with the volunteer who saved her life. Her favorite thing it to sleep under the covers with her mom.

Justice When She Was Rescued

Justice Now

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