Jurgen means George in German. According to the legend, George struggled with a fire-breathing dragon symbolizing the Devil. His name means victory in overcoming evil. Could there be a more appropriate name for this special boy who has already beaten evil.

Jurgen spent five years in commercial kennel in Missouri. He was imprisoned in a small cage and never allowed out to run. On November 10. 2004 he lost the use of his back legs. He was unable to move. The kennel owner knew that he was injured and left him to lay in his own waste. The urine and feces piled up around and under him burning his skin and causing horrid deep infections. Since he could not move, he could not get to the food or water and became seriously dehydrated. He laid in his waste for eleven days.

We were told that a rescue organization took several dogs from this kennel who were being given up. When they were offered Jurgen they said to have him killed because it would be too expensive to treat him. And they left him laying in his waste. If this is true, those people should not be involved in rescue.

HUA heard about him and immediately arranged for him and another dog to be picked up and driven to Iowa where two HUA volunteers retrieved them and took them back to the shelter.

The next day another volunteer took Jurgen to the Veterinary School at Manhattan Kansas. He could not have surgery for several days because he was too dehydrated and his wounds were too infected. Jurgen had the surgery and came though it well. His acid wounds took weeks to heal but fortunately did not require surgery. After several months of physical therapy, he was able to walk again. He's a little wobbly but he's happy and active.

Jurgen is an incredibly precious small black and tan long hair dachshund. He LOVES people. He has been so grateful for everything that was done for him.

If you buy a dog from a petstore, you contribute to kennels like the one Jurgen came from. When you look at those cute puppies in the petstores, remember Jurgen and his suffering. Please tell everyone you know about Jurgen.

Jurgen when he came to HUA

Jurgen After Surgery

Jurgen Now

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