Looking for a Dog?

First go to your local shelter. There are 10 to 20 million dogs and cats killed in this country every single year. These are great animals. They deserve to have great homes. We should all strive to be great enough to deserve them. According to many studies, 25 - 30% of the dogs in shelters are purebreeds.

Next, go to a breed rescue group. Almost every breed of dog has a rescue group. You can find them on the Internet. Do a websearch for any breed and contact any of the representatives. They can give you the names of the representatives in your area.

Next, go to Internet shelters. Many shelters are doing long distance adoptions. You can find them with a websearch.

Finally, if you do not find the dog you want by taking these steps, then look for quality breeders. Go to dog shows and talk to the breeders of the breed you are interested in. Ask them for the names of the breeders that they would recommend. And ask them what genetic testing and medical certifications should be done for that breed. When you go to a breeder to buy a puppy ask these questions:

1. How many breeds of dogs do they breed. One is good, two is probably acceptable, no more.

2. How many dogs do they have. Ask how many litters they have every year. Ask how many puppies they sell and whether they sell any to petstores. Ask whether the breeder has a state or federal license.

3. Ask if you can see the dogs - all the dogs - not just the puppies. Many puppymills have an area where they will bring the puppies to show to the public. You have to see where all the dogs live. We think all dogs should live in the house.

4. Ask what kind of genetic testing they have done on the dogs. Ask what health certificates they have for the dogs.

5. Ask for the name of their veterinarian and call them to find out how often they see the parents and confirm whether genetic testing has been done.

6. Ask for the names of five people who have bought puppies from them and then call the references.

7. Ask if the puppies are sold on a contract and then ask to see the contract. Ask if there is a warranty.

8. Ask whether the breeder will take back a dog regardless of the age if you are unable to take care of it.

9. Ask to see the pedigree and ask how many champions there are in the lineage.

10. Listen to whether the breeder asks you any questions. If the breeder doesn't care about the home that the puppy would be going to, then you don't want to buy from them.

DO NOT, under any circumstances, buy a dog in a petstore. Our research establishes that 98% of the dogs in petstores come from what we consider to be puppymllls. You are not saving that puppy, you are sentencing it's parents to lives of misery.

These stores donate their profits to help shut down puppy mills.


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