The only way you can be sure that the puppy in the pet store did not come a female dog just like Hope is to never buy a dog in a petstore.

When Linda, an HUA volunteer and director, picked the little dog up at the commercial kennel in Kansas, she was horrified. She did not think that the dog would live long enough to make it back to the shelter. Linda called the shelter on her way back and asked to have our vet standing by. She took the dog directly to the clinic. Hope weighed just two pounds. She had lost almost all of her hair from malnutrition, infection and stress. Her teeth were rotten. Infection had spread throughout her tiny body. Linda asked the vet if there was any hope for her. He said there was a little hope. So she became Hope.

Hope has touched the heart of everyone who has meet her. If you ever wondered about what puppy mills were like, all you have to do is look at Hope's face. Look at the expression in her eyes. Look at her emaciated body. Then tell everyone you know never to buy a dog in a pet store.

Hope is a Maltese. She was 6 years old when she was rescued. Her first days of freedom were spent at the vet's where they worked to save her life. She went home to Linda. Her health was still very precarious. She gained weight very slowly. At first the only food she would eat was Gerber Baby Meat Sticks. It took months for her to gain weight. When she had her teeth cleaned, she lost 22 teeth

Her first trip out to the yard was very surprising to her. She had no idea what it was. She had never been outside. At first she was quite timid but gradually she seemed to enjoy herself. Hope is very happy. Her health has always been fragile so she gets very special care.

When you see the cute puppies in the pet store, think of Hope. The kennel she came from in Kansas still sells puppies to pet stores on the East Coast.

Hope a Week After Rescue

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