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Bunnie - the Story of a Puppy Sold by Hunte

Buunie - a dog from a puppy mill

Bunnie was born in a commercial kennel in Missouri. When she was just tiny she was sold to The Hunte Corporation, a large puppy broker, who sold her to a pet store. The broker advertises that all the puppies are kept in temperature controlled cages and get medical care. Of course the broker never mentions the mother who is in a cage at a high volume breeding kennel being bred time after time until her body gives out. Nothing is said about temperature control or medical care for the mother. There is no home waiting for the mother.

But back to Bunnie. She went from a cage in a high volume breeding kennel, to a cage at the broker, to a cage on a truck, to a cage on a pet store. All this at a very young impressionable age - at an age where she should have had comfort, security and love. Bunnie was sold by the pet store. The couple who bought her worked at the store. They took her to the vet and found out that her inability to walk correctly was caused by a severe case of hip dysplasia. So they did what any loving couple would do, they returned Bunnie to the pet store to get their money back. Since they worked there, they saw her in a cage day after day, and heard her cry to get out of the cage. She didn't know what she had done wrong to end up back in the cage, but she promised and promised not to do it again. What she also didn't know (according to the couple) is that the salesperson for the broker was due to come to the pet store on the following Tuesday and unless there was a miracle he would direct that she be killed.

Bunnie was rescued and taken to safety.

Bunnie's hips were the worst that the orthopedic surgeon had ever seen. The sockets were literally twisted. Bunnie tried and tried to run and play with the other dogs but she could only hop around like a clumsy bunny. She had the first surgery to repair one hip. The recovery required her to be quiet and in a cage for weeks. It was terribly hard on this gregarious little girl who was anxious to play. After the first hip was complete, the second hip was done and there were weeks more of recovery. She has now recovered and is able to play normally for the first time in her life. It's been heartwarming to watch her run and romp.

Bunnie is all sweetness and light - not a single bad thought in her head. She loves everyone and everything. Bunnie doesn't have a single bad thought, but we do. The surgery to repair Bunnie's hips cost over 5 thousand dollars. The surgeries and recovery time have taken months and have been terribly hard on Bunnie and her caretakers who would have done anything for her to not have had to gone through it. It was heartbreaking for them to watch her try to walk and to long from her cage to run with the other dogs. Given the type of problem that Bunnie had and it's severity, obviously Bunnie's parents should not have been breeder dogs but that didn't matter to the high volume breeding kennel. They were only concerned about the money - they would sell the puppies and if there was a problem later they didn't care. And if there was a problem - they had a solution - kill the dog. Which leads to the question - what about all the other puppies like Bunnie who have been born to her parents. Was there anyone who would step in and take the time and spend the thousands of dollars necessary to save their lives. We doubt it. They are probably dead. And finally think about the children in the families who bought those darling little puppies in a pet store only to find out that the puppy had serious problems. What about those children whose puppies where killed, dumped in shelters or returned to the pet store. What about their heartbreak and what lesson did that teach them about love?

Imagine what you would do if you bought a dog in a pet store and then discovered that the dog needed surgery that would cost 5,000 dollars. What would you do? Would you be able to afford that for your friend? Quality breeders have the parent dogs OFA certified so that they know their hips do not have problems. If you had bought the puppy from a quality breeder, you would not have faced this problem.

The only way that you can be sure not to contribute to this industry of greed and misery is to never buy a puppy in a pet store. Ever.

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