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A Few of the Dogs Rescued from the Commercial Kennel in Arkansas


Bella is one very pretty lady with a personality to match. She is so sweet and affable. She loves humans. She behaves as if she's been in a home and known love before. How she ended up at a hog confinement producing puppies is confounding. She rolls over at every opportunity for tummy rubbings and is well mannered. She is a very smart girl. She was the fearless co-pilot, riding on the front passenger seat, keeping good company to one of the drivers on the way back from Arkansas. This girl melted hearts immediately.


Boogie is the ultimate clown. He is one very cheerful fellow. He bounds up and jumps into peoples arms with his big smile and big thoughtful eyes, as if he is saying "HI, I'M HERE TO CHEER YOU UP!" He is named Boogie because he does the most adorable happy boogie dances. He roomed with Cosette and Shanna in his hog confinement cell. It was obvious that he was concerned for them, and trying hard to entertain them and make them happy. This boy has a heart of gold.


Ceclia is a spunky little girl. She desperately wants attention. She did not like being a prisoner and would climb the walls in her hog cell. She would circle and circle, then scale the chain link and chicken wire all the way to the top of the building looking for a way out. This poor little girl was so lonely and bored. She knew there had to be a better life out there and she was determined to go find it.


Corliss is sad and dejected as was her companion, Gregory. In their space at the confinement prison they did not approach people and did not even stand up. They looked like thoroughly beaten souls. Corliss is starting to come around and realize that there are good things waiting for her. She is so thankful for a pat on the head and a kind word. It is all new to her and it will take gentle patience to make her understand that her new found good fortune will last.


Who could leave this puppy to a life of misery. She will never know the misery her parents endured.


A black toy spaniel was carried forward and literally dropped on the auction table. This tortured soul was too depressed to stand or lift his head. He landed like sack of potatoes with feet splayed askew - not moving a single muscle. He still barely stands. He is certain that this is nothing good for him in life. He is named after Gregory Peck because he's such a gorgeous boy. Hopefully he will learn some of the confidence of his movie actor namesake.


Henning has the biggest saddest eyes. He's is so afraid of people it's heartbreaking. He jumps back whenever anyone tries to touch him.


Lizzy looked very old, and very forlorn. It's not hard to figure out why. Her sales write up from the auction states that she produced 23 puppies in her last 3 litters. How many litters did she have before that? This life of hard breeding would easily zap the life out of a sweet active dog. The good news is that it only took a matter of days to meet the real Lizzy. She loves life at HUA. She can't believe her good fortune to have so many caring people, a nice place to room with snuggly blankets, wonderful food and good treats. There is now the spark in her eye and wag in her tail that we would expect to see in this ever fun and faithful breed.


The emergency hospital vet was stopped in his tracks at the sight of Minna. His first remark was that she looks like a concentration camp survivor. Minna's body is riddled with infection from having no dental care in her life. She had to go to the emergency hospital for many days to be fed by i.v. after recovering from her dental operation where she had 6 horribly infected teeth extracted. Minna is now in foster care where she is being nursed around the clock by a loving volunteer and being taken to the doctor everyday, sometimes needing to be put in an incubator. Minna is far from out of the woods. The vets are having trouble keeping her temperature up, getting her to eat on her own and maintaining her protein and glucose levels. She is too emaciated to be able to fight infection well on her own. Minna was likely the victim of cage aggression as she does have some wounds healing on her head. It is not an uncommon thing to have happen at breeding facilities where dogs are unaltered, confined in small spaces and bored. Minna is such a sweet little girl.


Nick is a tiny little fellow. HUA thought he was a puppy until they saw his awful teeth, a sign of poor nutrition and poor care. It's hard to bear the thought of this gentle little guy who doesn't even weigh 5 pounds braving the hot summers and cold winters in a hog confinement. It is amazing that he even survived. Nick is a dear little fellow, so gentle and kind. He will live a pampered life of privilege from this point on, to make up for his rotten start in life. He had to be taken immediately into surgery.


At the auction no one wanted him, not one single bid for this precious little life. He was too old to sell for lots of money as a tiny pup at a pet store and too young to use as a breeding dog.


Sable is a darling little pup. She is not even a year old, but has already known great sadness. It is obvious that she has not known the fun and adoration that a puppy should. She is enjoying her big spaces at HUA, her warm blankets, and people and other dogs to play with. She was so relieved to have her chains cut off. Perhaps it made her new life real to her and she knew that it meant she could stay here. It is wonderful to see her beautiful puppy personality emerge.


The little red Cavalier looked terribly injured. She tried to bury her head in the back corner of her cell. She refused to look at people even ones softly and gently calling to her. She just kept trying harder and harder to shove her head all the way into the corner made of wire and metal as if there would be an escape hole. It seemed that she was unable to stand but later it was learned that she could, she just didn't have the will. She was a thoroughly sad, beaten and petrified soul. The sight of any human made her want to crawl into a corner and die. She has the worst legs that HUA has ever seen and will be taken to the vet school in Manhattan Kansas for evaluation.


Sierra has a sad look on her face. All she has known in her short life has been adversity. She had no bedding, no toys, and little interaction with humans other than to be slopped and hosed off like a farm animal. She has had no good reason, until now, to be the least bit cheerful. It will take awhile for Sierra to understand that things have truly changed for her and that she has every reason to be happy. She is starting to play with Sable and she truly loves her good food, soft blankets and the kind touch of a human.


Sloane was so matted she could barely walk. One leg was so tangled up in a cocoon of fur that she had to hop on her other legs, that leg would not even come undone from the tangled mess to be able to touch the ground. You can see where they ran out of time to groom the dogs for the auction...right in the middle of Sloane's back. Summer was groomed, but Sloane and Garrison weren't. The people we talked to said they had worked for days to get the dogs ready and that they had just run out of time. So, Sloane and Garrison would be representative of what the majority looked like a week or two before they were fixed up to be put on the auction block and sold. Sloane is an engaging, lovely dog. She is so happy and grateful....a delightfully bright and loving girl.

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